If your vehicle has developed a fault, you have noticed its is not driving quite right or there are some strange noises coming from it then give us a call, we are able to diagnose faults on all kinds of vehicles.

We are fully equipped to perform repairs on domestic or commercial vehicles, we can source parts for most makes of vehicle as well. If you are unsure about anything please do get in touch and we can let you know the best way to proceed.

You can increase the life and reliability of your vehicle with regular servicing. We are able to perform services on most makes of cars and vans and able to advice you on which parts are due for service or any other parts that are showing wear to help avoid any other problems down the road.

Please get in touch to arrange a service with us or if you any other queries about the running of your vehicle.

With our new MOT bay fitted recently we are able to conduct a full MOT test on your vehicle. Please give us a call to book a slot and get your vehicle road worthy.

Sometimes a fault can occur at the worst possible time, if you find yourself stuck out on the roads we do have the ability to come and pick up your vehicle from the roadside, please call us for a quote for recovery.

Vehicle Recovery Vehicle Recovery

We know that staying mobile is very important, so when your car is out of action it can cause you problems, this is why when your car is being repaired of serviced we have a courtesy car to help you get out of trouble. Please ask for details when booking in your car for service or repair.

Courtesy Car

Too hot or too cold, your air conditioning gives you a more comfortable ride, we can re-pump your air conditioning to get it working at peak performance, for any time of the year.


We have the equipment to replace tyres here at the garage, although we do not hold a stock. If you would like to order tyres through us give us a call and we can arrange a time to fit them for you.

Wheel Balancing

All part of the service with any new wheels or tyres is getting them balanced, this improves efficiency and stops abnormal wear and tear on your tyres. We are fully equipped to balance any wheel, steel or alloy.